How do you minimize the negative impact on your brand and manage the risks associated with a changeover in agencies?

Are you aware of the business risks involved in switching from one advertising agency to another? Do you know your rights and what materials belong to you upon advertising agency contract termination? How do you ensure that your incumbent agency carries out due diligence during their notice period?

How do you ensure that there are no financial comebacks after your incumbent agency’s contract has come to an end? How do you minimize the negative impact on your brand and manage the risks associated with a changeover in agencies?

Seldom does a proper handover occur when an account moves from one agency to another.  Financials are not always closed off, and the new agency takes time to get to grips with the account. This often means that your brand suffers in the process.  

Handing over the advertising account can vary from a very simple process to a complex one, and is often influenced by the spirit in which a relationship has been terminated. Yardstick ensures a smooth transition of the account from one agency to the next and provides assurance that all legal and financial matters are properly dealt with.

What are the benefits?

By allowing Yardstick to facilitate the handover of your account, you will receive:

  • A smooth and quick transition that minimises the negative impact on your brand.
  • A new agency partner who is equipped to ‘hit the road running’.
  • An incumbent agency that is fairly compensated for the work that they have done.
  • Peace of mind that all matters including IP, financial commitments and contractual commitments have been taken care of.

Case studies

Yardstick has facilitated the hand-over of numerous specialist accounts.

Media Account Handover

The handover of a media account is wrought with potential pitfalls.  Yardstick’s client, a large multi-national with more than 15 different brands, wanted assurance that no booking deadlines would be missed, that they would not face future payment claims from media owners, that credit and suspense accounts had been cleared. Consideration had to be given to payment for work planned by the old agency but executed by the new partner.  With Yardstick’s help the switch of this multi-million rand account between agencies was managed without a glitch.

Digital Account Handover

Each communication discipline has its own challenges when accounts change hands.  In the event of ATL and BTL creative accounts, much attention is given to artwork, creative files, guard books and rights contracts.  When one of the world’s best known fast food companies changed over to a new digital agency they chose to work with a consultant that understood how to manage the handover of inter alia online assets, response handling logs and source codes