Agency On-boarding, Expectation Setting and SLAs

How do you fast-track the time it takes your new agency to deliver great work?   Is there a way to speed-up their understanding of your processes?  How do you create a solid foundation for your newly-formed relationship?

Account Handover

How do you minimize the negative impact on your brand and manage the risks associated with a changeover in agencies? Are you aware of the business risks involved in switching from one advertising agency to another? Do you know your rights and what materials belong to you upon advertising agency contract termination?

Agency Search and Selection

Are you looking to find the right advertising agency for your business? Do your company’s agency search processes consider the complexities of the marketing and communication industry?  How do you test agencies to ensure that you identify all of the required skills and competencies?

Supplier and Agency Portfolio Review

Are you partnering with the right number and the right mix of advertising agencies and marketing suppliers? Do you have the right agency model for your business? Are you partnering with the right agencies for your unique business needs?  Do you spend too much time managing and integrating various agency partners?