How do you fast-track the time it takes your new agency to deliver great work?

Is there a way to speed-up their understanding of your processes?  How do you create a solid foundation for your newly-formed relationship?

Yardstick’s Expectation Workshop delivers a common understanding of what an agency should deliver, and how it should be delivered.  It transforms the clinical, legal agreement and scope of services into a user-friendly, mutually agreed marketing SLA as both parties unpack and define factors for success, as well as the importance and frequency of services that the agency has been contracted to deliver.

What are the benefits?

After a facilitated workshop both client and agency will have:

  • A common understanding of what the agency needs to deliver, and how it should be delivered.
  • An unbiased, jointly agreed upon platform for measuring return on marketing investment (ROMI).
  • A significant decline in the amount of coaching that you’ll need to provide your agency.
  • An understanding of what the agency requires to deliver great work and services.
  • Peace of mind that you have laid the cornerstone for a healthy relationship with your agency.
  • Clarity around governance requirements and reporting.