How do you ensure that your agency’s performance and quality of work continuously improve?

Do you require a formal and objective appraisal of your agency’s performance?  

Yardstick has developed a successful client-agency relationship assessment tool called Y-CARE™.  Y-CARE™ takes the form of a bi-annual agency performance assessment completed by both the client and the agency. Tailor-made questionnaires and in-depth interviews by experienced marketing consultants help to identify the root causes of poor performance, after which we facilitate structured feedback workshops that allow for discussion and agreement on corrective measures.

What are the benefits?

  • Performance reviews become a tool to track the client and agency relationship.
  • They can be used to help calculate advertising agency performance bonuses.
  • Performance reviews result in continuous identification and improvement of:
    • What is working
    • What is not working
    • How to fix it
  • They offer real time benchmarking and guidelines for measuring return on marketing investment (ROMI).
  • They assist in improving agency delivery and service, which ultimately improves the product, therefore enhancing the brand.
  • It reduces marketing costs in the long term.

Case studies

Yardstick uses Y-CARE™ to evaluate approximately 140 client-agency relationships per year, and over the past 18 years has accumulated the most comprehensive industry performance benchmarks.  As a result, Y-CARE™ is used extensively as one of the most objective measures for the calculation of agency performance bonuses.

Multi-Agency Performance Management System

A blue-chip FMCG company that owns multiple consumer brands and partners with a number of different communication agencies contracted Yardstick to design, develop and implement a standardised company-wide performance bonus system.  The system provides regular feedback on agency performance, brand performance and business performance across many geographical regions and is used as basis for agency performance based remuneration and marketing performance improvement initiatives.

Improving relationships

Yardstick has a wealth of experience in facilitating client and agency relationships. In addition to this, Yardstick has been involved in numerous research projects, surveys and audits. A client in the motor industry was experiencing challenges in their relationships with their dealer network and approached Yardstick to assist them. Yardstick developed a customised process and conducted a perception audit with 35 dealers in nine provinces across South Africa. This involved face to face interviews with the Dealer Principles and included telephonic interviews with dealers in neighbouring countries. The findings were presented to the CEO and selected executives and shared with the dealers at their annual conference.