Do you often wonder how many different advertising agency remuneration models exist and what the benefits and risks of each are?

Does your choice of remuneration model match the dynamics of your business and your budget or are you constantly having to adjust what you pay your agency?  How best do you manage the risks associated with a change-over from one model to another?

Yardstick can provide expert information and guidance on a large number of remuneration methodologies and models.

What are the benefits?

Yardstick ensures that clients implement remuneration models that are:

  • Simple to understand and easy to administer
  • Fair to both client and agency
  • Finalised before agency resources are committed
  • Recorded in a ratified client-agency contract
  • Flexible enough to accommodate possible changes in the future
  • Based on agreed and understood terms and definitions
  • Specify tracking and review dates